The Daily WTF: Willow Smith Thinks Tupac Is Alive And The Key To Her Mother’s Happiness

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Willow Smith letter Tupac alive Jada Pinkett Smith friendship Mommy happy wtfIt's easy to forget that superstar Willow Smith is only eleven years old! She acts like such a miniature adult that we forget that she's completely entitled to more age-appropriate behavior, like writing a random letter to a dead rapper. Although in Willow's eyes, Tupac Shakur is alive and well. Willow recently posted a screenshot of a letter she wrote to Tupac not too long ago — probably in the last year or two — in which she asked him to come back from wherever he's hiding.

If you can't read her handwriting, the letter is as follows:

Dear Tupac,

I know you are alive someplace! I think that my mommy really misses you.

Can you please come back can you come back so momy and me can be happy! I wish you were here… I really do!

Love, Willow

Plenty of people believe that Tupac went into hiding after he was shot in a drive-by in 1996, and that he's just been chilling on some distant island for the past sixteen years. But what has several sites interested in Willow's letter is that she seems to hint at mom Jada Pinkett Smith being unhappy.

Willow Smith letter Tupac Jada Pinkett Smith "so Mommy can be happy"

It is odd that Willow talks about her mom and herself as being happy once Tupac is back in the picture, with no mention of her older brother Jaden Smith. In the '90s, Jada was close with Tupac — some say perhaps more than friends — and was understandably hit hard by his death. Interestingly, Jada married Will Smith in 1997, one year after Tupac's death; the last few months have seen rumors of marital trouble, gay rumors, and even hints toward divorce. However, Jada and Will have stepped out with their talented prepubescent children and scoffed at any reports that they're having trouble.

Still, you have to wonder what insights little Willow had into her mother's emotional well-being when she wrote Tupac asking him to come back into their lives. What's odd is I can't trace back this letter to Willow herself, either on Twitter or Tumblr, so I don't know what prompted her to release it now knowing how suggestive it sounds.

Willow Smith letter Tupac Shakur wtf Jada Pinkett Smith friendship happy

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