Possible Reasons That Francesca Eastwood Was Named Miss Golden Globe 2013

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why was Francesca Eastwood chosen Miss Golden Globe 2013 Clint Eastwood #Eastwooding meme Obama Mrs. Eastwood and Company reality show E! dating Tyler Shields boyfriendWith the Golden Globes airing January 13th, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association decided that it was time we found out which celebrity daughter will act as Miss Golden Globe 2013. But the honoree might surprise you: 19-year-old Francesca Eastwood, E! reality star and daughter of Clint.

The tradition of Miss Golden Globe is that it's a celebrity child who gets to wear a pretty gown and hand off statuettes on stage. Most often it's a girl — Melanie Griffith, Lily Costner, Lorraine Nicholson — though every once in a while a famous celebrity boy like Freddie Prinze, Jr. gets to share the title. The main criterion seems to be “have a famous parent,” but I was struck by Francesca's nomination because her family seems to have been in the news for all manner of controversial reasons in 2012.

Could the HFPA have chosen Francesca because of how recognizable she's become, regardless of how that actually happened? Consider that their awful reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company premiered only this past May, yet the cringe-worthy first episode made us not want to tune in for season 2. When she's not in front of the cameras, Francesca is still courting minor controversy: She and celebrity photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields made it on TMZ when they lit a $100,000 Birkin handbag on fire for a photo shoot.

Or maybe this is more about Francesca's dad. It is interesting timing that this is the year that Clint “unretired” from acting, four years after what would have been an impressive final role in Gran Torino. Maybe the HFPA wants to mark the occasion. Then again, Clint's meh movie Trouble with the Curve is equally balanced by his ridiculous #Eastwooding meme that came out with the election.

And before you go telling me that the people who decide Miss Golden Globe are above controversy, don't forget that Rumer Willis received the honor in 2008. Here's another, albeit silly, idea: People have said that Francesca resembles Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, so maybe the Globes wanted to combat Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars. Or maybe the HFPA simply wanted to keep it in the family: Francesca's half-sister Kathryn was Miss Golden Globe 2005.

Whatever the reason, Francesca seems very excited about the honor, and cutely nervous about her responsibilities come January. “I'm a little worried, maybe, about falling over or doing something like that,” she told People. “I do not want to wear a ball gown, but I think that really fancy dresses are reserved for the nominees. I'm planning on something simple that won't make me fall over.”

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