UPDATED: Who Created the Crocheted Bike Trend Monster?

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UPDATE: The culprit crocheter has been found – Magda Sayeg, sew-stress and blogstress of KnittaPlease, the Polish artist Olek whose bikes were recently featured in NYC the Tumblr.

We know the Internet is full of just regurgitating the same information and pictures in and endless loop, but here at Crushable, we demand credit where credit is due. So we were really mad when  the crocheted bike cover in LES that we posted about on July 6th (and then again on the 22nd), turned up on TrendHunters under a gallery of “Bicycle Sweaters.” To be fair, they got the picture from Buzzfeed, which is where we had originally posted our bike cozy, but the image it links to is someone else's picture of a very similar bike, put up 4 days ago. So, okay, there are two bikes in NYC that have hand-knit covers with almost identical color schemes? Who is doing this??

Update: One of these bikes is on Elizabeth Street in NYC, the one that's unraveling is on Essex. Do you have any info on more crocheted bikes in the city, or who might be behind them?