Whiteboard/Farmville Hoax Pepetrated By ‘True Blood’ Deputy

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If you, like us, somehow managed to miss the hubbub yesterday surrounding the young woman who emailed 30 pictures of herself with some dry-erase messages about her boss around the office…don't worry, it all turned out to be a prank by the guys at this website TheChive. TheChive is kind of like TheOnion, we guess? Except that no one can really tell when the duo running the site (brothers Leo Rezig/Resig and John Rezig) are joking. Or even how those two spell their last names. But the best part?

John Rezig is that doofy looking deputy from True Blood! You know, the one besides Andy Bellefleur and the one other black woman in town who isn't Tara. As he says on TheChive's “About” page:

John lives in here in paradise (Venice, CA) with his idiot cousin, Rick. If John ever turns up dead, Rick did it. John used to live with Leo until Leo became an Eskimo and moved to Chicago to freeze his sperm or some shit.

John landed the role of Deputy Kevin Ellis on the hit HBO vampire drama, True Blood, in 2008. He is currently filming the 3rd season and, yes, it’s totally badass.

Keep it classy, True Blood actors!