How To Pull Off White After Labor Day, According To The Brave Celebs Who Do It

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miranda kerr spain mango promotion 12.11.12 peace sign(Photo: Max Powell,

Wearing white after Labor Day is like tampons. They're both white? No! Stick with me here. I'll explain.

You know how back in olden times, ladies had to wear crazy belted contraptions when having their… lady times? Well, for quite a while now the new thing — at least as commercials tell it — is to be proud and womanly and free; to wear pastel leggings while doing yoga and carry sanitary products that come in fun colorful packaging. This story of having an exhilarating time of the month that won't hold you back is now typical to the point that people, as well as other commercials, make fun of that.

Such is wearing white after Labor Day. First the cliche was “no white after Labor Day,” but then the idea of breaking the rule became the new cliche after fashion article after fashion article were written about how breaking rules is chic! Rebellious! The new black! Is this bad? No, not at all. But we get it. Tampons are convenient and let us participate in the activities we love (making a people pyramid on the beach without embarrassment!) and wearing white after Labor Day allows for more options and the possibility of looking bad ass in a pair of white jeans with a leather jacket.

To get you thinking along those lines, I've gathered a few photos of celebs pulling off white after labor day.

Now oogle the pictures and get inspired.

Taylor Swift 12.3.12 new york white coat


Starting off easy, we have Taylor Swift in a white coat. Not hard. You just toss it over whatever regular clothes you're wearing. In Taylor's case this means a shiny tulle dress.

Jennifer Lopez 1.30.12 new York white fur


Now if you really wanna go for it like J.Lo., I have three words: GIANT. WHITE. FUR. Need three more? FUZZY! FLUFFY! MORBID?
rashida jones art of elysium los angeles 1.15.11

(Photo: WENN)

Wearing a white dress and staying warm-ish can also be easy. Put a (faux) leather jacket over it. Being as fancy as Rashida Jones is not necessary.
emily blunt new york john krasinski 5.7.12

(Photo: Wagner AZ,

Or put tights under it like Emily Blunt and accessorize with a stroll with John Krasinski.
zoe saldana letterman 12.14.2009

(Photo: WENN)

I couldn't not use this picture because Zoe Saldana is obviously so happy to be wearing seasonally appropriate white jeans. You will be too.

miranda kerr spain mango promotion 12.11.12

(Photo: Max Powell,

Andddd the extreme version. Miranda Kerr in all white everythang. Actually, the jacket is cream, Miranda! It's cream!