This Adorable GIF Of The Obamas’ New Dog Sunny Will Make Your Tail Wag

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This Adorable GIF Of The Obamas  New Dog Sunny Will Make Your Tail Wag Obama Family Dog Sunny gif gif

There’s a new member of the Obama family, and she’s very furry. No, they didn’t smuggle an Ewok home from Universal Studios. That’ll get you detained at security faster than you can say “Endor” three times. Don’t ask me how I know that. This furry family member is a dog, of course. Her name is Sunny (because of her cheerful personality), and she hails from the great state of Michigan. Phew, she’s American. That’s a relief. Sunny is one year old and she enjoys frolicking on well-groomed lawns and letting her tongue hang out of her mouth uninhibited. At least, based on the above GIF of her. That’s right. She’s already a GIF. Nobody’s anybody until they’ve been made into a GIF, even dogs and babies. That’s why Jimmy Fallon wasted no time turning his baby daughter into one.

Sunny is a Portuguese Water Dog just like the Obamas’ four-year-old pup Bo. Hopefully Sunny will inspire the White House Twitter page to make even more Mean Girls jokes very soon. Maybe she’ll wear track pants on a day other than Friday because that’s all that fits her right now and they’ll declare, “You can’t sit with us, Sunny!” Actually that’s a little too mean. We’ll keep brainstorming. Sunny has already made her social media debut, however. President Obama shared a classy snapshot on Twitter last night. Just look at that elegant profile.

The Obama family is making a contribution to the Washington Humane Society in honor of Sunny, which is lovely. They’re also making a contribution to my heart by bringing this pooch home in the first place. Because I don’t know about you, but Sunny just signed a lease on a one-bedroom in my ribcage, right next to Harry Styles’ cozy pied-a-terre, where he twerks the day away like nobody’s watching. But I’m watching, Harry. I’m watching.

Ahem. Please to enjoy Sunny’s artsy video introduction. Oh, she’s ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille. She was born ready.

(GIF: Tumblr)