Where Was January Jones On Last Night’s Mad Men Premiere?

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There was a lot going on during last night's episode of Mad Men. The show has been on hiatus for over a year and fans were eagerly waiting to see where the characters ended up in 1967. But there was one thing noticeably missing: January Jones.

The woman known best for playing Betty Draper was nowhere to be seen last night. In fact, she got only one mention, when Don dropped off his kids at her house and said “Give Mortitia and Lurch my love.” (How sweet!)

Granted, the actress was actually pregnant during some of this season's filming. So it makes sense that the plot had to work around her baby bump. But considering how much time was spent documenting the drama surrounding the other main characters, Betty's absence was noticeable.

According to Jones, it was all fine and good that she was absent from the first episode. In an interview last week, she said:

“I wasn't hurt at all. It was organized that way.”

Of course, it would be hard for an actress on a hit show to say anything negative about her air time (or lack there of). But why do you think Betty Draper was missing from the first episode of Mad Men Season 5?

She was off hiding her baby bump from the world.

Mathew Weiner is hoping that her absence will make the world grow fonder for January Jones' overacting.

Photo: AMC