Hey, Do You Guys Want To Come To My 56-Hour Comedy Show This Weekend?

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This weekend is the 16th Annual Del Close Marathon, an event that 100% of New York-based improvisers are incredibly aware of. And if you're in that community, you know a ton of the other people in it, which can make you forget the fact that most humans that you'll encounter on a regular basis experience improv as that weird theater game you're always emailing them to come watch you play in the basement of bars.

So in the interest of being a little more inclusive — do you wanna come stay up for three days in a row with me this weekend and watch improv? Because that's kind of what the rest of us are doing.

I'll spare you the explanation of what improv is and why we all like to do it so much, but just to give you the basic deets, Del Close was this hugely important dude in the community, and when he died in 1999, the Upright Citizens Brigade started a comedy festival to be held every year in his honor, where people come from all over the world to nerd out on improv together. It started out smaller, but this year there will be over 420 shows spread out on eight stages throughout the city, and it'll be running 24/7 until after midnight this Sunday.

…and it all starts at 4:00pm today, meaning that any improvisers you know are not to be disturbed, because they're currently engaging in the last showers and naps that they're likely to get for the entire weekend.

So what do you think? Have I made this sound appealing yet? Do you want to wait in line for four hours to come see me and my non-famous (but hilarious) friends do a fifteen-minute set at 4:40am in a basement stuffed with sweaty drunk improvisers? It will only cost you $30 and you can stay for like twenty more hours if you want! Do you want to come, coworker / friend from high school / casual acquaintance? Is that what you meant when you said you'd love to see ‘one of my plays' sometime?

Swing by if you can, because we'll all be having the time of our lives.