Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of 12/25-12/31 | ASTROLOGY

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The last Mercury retrograde of 2017 is finally over just in time for the holidays! Misunderstandings and communication issues that may have been clouding our heads the past three weeks are now able to be resolved with a fresh outlook and articulation! As the moon begins its transit in Pisces and moves through Aries and Taurus, there’s a kind-hearted energy in the air that makes it easier to relate to others and newfound momentum and endurance that will encourage us to dream big.

With the new sun in career-driven Capricorn, it’s time to put on our war-paint and keep our eyes on the prize! Although responsibility weighs heavy, achieving your goals this January will be more possible than ever before. As the most resourceful sign of the zodiac, you’ll be sure to keep your head down and stay on track! Especially with Saturn conjunct in Capricorn, you’re likely to turn into the most self-disciplined version of yourself you may have never known existed! Adulting is in full swing.