Your Weekly Horoscope:
Week of 12/11 – 12/17

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The moon is in Libra today, the sign of balance and harmony. It might be best to hold back on any big decision making in these next few days, and allow yourself the time to weigh the pros and cons! As Mars, the planet of energy and action begins its transit in Scorpio, there’s an enterprising ambition at the forefront. Beware of obsessive habits and steer clear of jealousy.

Also remember: Mercury is in retrograde until December 22nd. While we know you'll be using that as an excuse for anything going a little awry the next few weeks, it's important to remember that the #1 way this will likely affect your life is in the effectiveness of your communication. But because communication issues can cause even bigger problems than just that disagreement you're having with your SO (think: technology and travel), we'd recommend giving yourself a little extra time when it comes to holiday travel.