Your Weekly Horoscope:
Week of 1/08 – 1/14 | ASTROLOGY

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The moon transits Scorpio and Sagittarius this week, so your intuition will help you see right through the bullshit! This also means that there'll be a certain gravitation toward all things emotional, so watch out for explosive encounters or messy situations. Deep conversations over small talk will be favored! A burden that’s been weighing you down has the potential to be revealed and released. The truth might be uncomfortable, but it’s time to drop off that emotional baggage for good.

With the Sun two signs away from Mars, competition and leadership are at the forefront. Get your elbows in there and don’t back down! Saturn and Pluto are both in Earth sign Capricorn this week, so lessons around power struggles and establishing boundaries are likely. Don’t let your CNN updates grind your gears too much, and don’t be too quick to let your guard down. “Trust no bitch” is relevant AF this whole month! Venus enters air sign Aquarius on the 17th, so romantic pursuits may be unconventional. There will soon be a shift from dedication and loyalty to independence and freedom — and we all know that's a good thing.