Your Weekly Horoscope:
Week of 1/22 – 1/28 | ASTROLOGY

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Aquarius season is in full force! The last few weeks may have been restricting and formulaic, but now there’s a newfound sense of freedom to tap into. Playing it safe was so yesterday. This transit brings an unbound desire for originality and new experiences, so don’t worry so much about the “rules.” Instead, we begin to shift toward a collective mindset, rather than a lonely mentality. Be forewarned that air sign Aquarius is known for its standoffish and impersonal tendencies.

With Venus joining forces with the Sun in Aquarius, passionate encounters, private affairs, or immediate fiery connections are less likely. Relationships are bound to thrive if each partner allows the other to pursue their own project or passion. Space makes the heart grow fonder! The intimacy switch doesn’t have to be turned on all the time in healthy relationships. This transit is a great time for singles to mingle, and open their minds. The head over the heart for the next few weeks!