Weekend Games: Starlicious, Find-A-Pest

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StarliciousNeed something to help you waste a few hours this weekend? If you're not lucky enough to be at Coachella, and you're experiencing the same crummy weather as we are here in New York, you might want to check out these fun online games we've discovered:

Think you know the entertainment and celebrity world inside and out? Test your knowledge with this online game and then compare your scores with the three contestants who compete in various rounds for prizes on this online game show. Give it a whirl. We thought we would ace these questions, but some are pretty hard!

Find A Pest
Recently, Parks and Rec has grown on us. We may have to wait for a new episode, but in the meantime we can track down the vermin that so bother Leslie Knope and the rest of the Parks Department team — from Poopy the raccoon to Fairway Frank the possum.

These are the games we're crushing on this week. What are some of your favorite online games?