The Five Best Lines From Last Night’s Parks And Recreation, In Picture Form

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Parks and Recreation is a very funny show. So funny, in fact, that it's kind of pointless to try to recap it, as all the best jokes have already been made and it kills the humor to try to analyze them. So from now on, instead of recapping it, I'm going to distill the five best jokes from each episode into picture form for your admiring and sharing pleasure. Come along with me and re-live the magic, quickmeme by quickmeme.


Ben tries to get sassy, with cheesy results.


Miss Pinewood is made of pure evil, with a dash of high-fructose corn syrup.


Andy had some good ones in this episode, but his conflation of the real world with a children's game was definitely his best.


The bizaro townspeople of Pawnee never cease to surprise me.


Just when I thought this episode was running low on April, she put the hurt on “Smellis” in that classic, weird girl way that I'd almost forgotten she was capable of.