Video: If You Loved ‘David After Dentist’, You’re About To Poop Your Pants In Glee

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If the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split is hitting you as hard as it's hitting me, you need to take a moment just to laugh and forget your sorrows. And I can think of nothing better to take your mind off the pain than ‘Julie and the Deathly Surgeon‘, a YouTube video that's starting to go viral. It's along the same lines as ‘David After Dentist‘, except with a grown woman who just got her wisdom teeth out. Her name is Julie, and she is my favorite. Actually, her husband Cameron is my favorite, for filming this and putting it on the internet for my eternal glee.

First of all she starts out the video thinking that her teeth haven't been taken out yet, and refuses to accept that fact that they have been until the lady actually shows her the teeth they pulled out of her mouth. This girl is so cracked out, I'm obsessed with it. Her face is out of control, especially after they put cotton her mouth to staunch the bleeding. She's so out of it that she can't control her facial expressions as she searches for a hat she's not wearing, tries to read her watch to figure out how long she's been there, and tells her husband not to let them charge her for the procedure since they forgot to take her teeth.

She keeps asking her husband when he got there, how long she was asleep for, and I literally cannot stop laughing. And it's not the gentle chuckling kind, it's a solid six minutes of silent, ab-cramping laughter. I can't handle this girl, she's the best. As the cotton is COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH she's continuing to talk and tell her story of what she remembers happening. The way she checks her watch at 4:16 is destroying me, as is her reaction at 5:20 when the nurse says she didn't do the procedure, but that she was there to suck the blood.

Honestly I've watched this six minute video all the way through at least four times now, and I crack up every single of of them. But just so you know, the laughing gas didn't phase me.