Was Jezebel’s Knee-Jerk Reaction To Blisstree’s Overweight Celebrity List Uncalled For?

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Our sister site this week wrote a piece entitled “10 Overweight Celebrities We Don't Want to Look Like.” While the title may have been a little flippant, we wonder if Jezebel's Sadie Stein read beyond it as the message of Blisstree's article was far from Mean Girls. Instead Blisstree (which is a health and nutrition site) was pointing out the myriad health problems that come with being obese, including, you know, dying. And its way more common in America than the size-0 celebrities that gossip blogs mock and point to as poor role models.

Jezebel's argument is just factually incorrect in their sarcasm:

We're glad to see something counteracting the irresponsible barrage of media urging us to try to look like Jonah Hill and Rosie O'Donnell. Really, it was getting exhausting, all those “how to get a Zach Galifianakis beach body” stories.

Except that's exactly what we're seeing these days: The rise of chunky hunks like Seth Rogen, the idea that plus-sized models are beautiful and deserve their own fashion shows (which they 100 percent do). We no longer celebrate the anorexic — at least we pretend not to — and instead celebrate people of larger frame in TV and movies.

But considering that obesity is a bigger epidemic in this country than anorexia or other eating disorders, the fact that a website can't touch the issue of “unhealthy large celebrities” without being attacked by pitchforks and torches is ridiculous. What, we can go after the Olsens for being too skinny, we can discuss whether skinny photos should having warning labels, but touching the sacred ground of Jonah Hill's weight is somehow more mean-spirited? Please.