Video: This Kid’s Anti-Homophobia PSA Is Pretty Effective

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This PSA called “Don't Say Gay” was made by an eight grader as part of a school anti-homophobia project. In it, the boy stars alongside his younger brother, who does a little chastising. “Don't say gay,” the youngster yells, “It's mean and it's offensive!” Yeah!

Here's what the video's creator wrote in his YouTube description: “In 8th grade we had a PSA project. (Public Service Announcement) Don't Say Gay. I chose a funny way to present it. And thanks to my little brother for being the star!”

This video is really effectively to the point (how adorable is that kid?), and furthermore, what a terrific assignment! Way to go, teach — get them while they're young and still good at skateboarding.

(via Jezebel)