Video: Sneak Peek At TLC’s Upcoming Polygamy Reality Show ‘Sister Wives’

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Coming this fall to TLC: Sister Wives. (She's my wife… she's my sister… wait, no, that's not what this show's about at all.) In this doc version of Big Love, a polygamous Mormon family comprised of a husband, three wives and 13 kids (one of them named Truely) promises to be the strangest reality clan we've seen in a while. The seven-part series deals with the family's decision to add a fourth wife to the equation, plus who knows how many more kids.

So what the hell was TLC thinking by offering up this bizarre pseudo-religious practice as entertainment? A writer over at College Candy answers that question for us. Her theory: hallucinogenic drugs were involved in the conceptualization of this, and many other, TLC shows. Thanks a lot, sister wife!

This is too creepy to not watch, don't you think?