Video: Making Too Many Things Out Of Pumpkins? It’s Time For A Pintervention.

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Do you collect mason jars in case of a spur-of-the-moment hipster wedding? Does sleeping with your knitting needles make your boyfriend sad? Do you hide your yarn in the refrigerator so your friends won't judge you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be addicted to Pinterest.

I know you're shamefully closing your Pinterest tab as you read this. Even if you're not a crazed pinner yourself, even if you only joined the site to occasionally pin a cute puppy picture, you probably have at least one friend who's always pinning a cute wedding invitation she'll totally get inspired by on her big day (even though she's not even dating anyone), or an elaborate updo she's “totally going to try tonight.” Did you know light bulbs can be turned into vases? I didn't really care, but I guess I know now. Instead of unfollowing her or gritting your teeth as you wade through hundreds of closet reorganization ideas and new uses for used-up toilet paper rolls, maybe you should just organize a Pintervention.

That's what 32-year-old Amanda's family and friends do in this “it's funny because it's true” video that blends Pinterest with Intervention to create a concept you'll be ashamed you didn't come up with first.

Amanda's Lucille Bluth-lookalike mom is extremely concerned about her daughter's mental health, and her husband finds burlap clothing very uncomfortable. Poor, craft-obsessed Amanda never sees the Pintervention coming. It's kind of a dark comedy.

Watch the funny video above, and maybe pin it as a hint when you're done, because you know that pinner friend of yours won't see it if you post it on Facebook. So sad. [via Buzzfeed]