Video: Overly Attached Girlfriend Stalked Justin Bieber On The American Music Awards Red Carpet

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Laina Walker Overly Attached Girlfriend video stalk Justin Bieber red carpet American Music Awards funnyYou've got to hand it to internet celebrity Laina Walker: She's really trying to keep this Overly Attached Girlfriend meme going. Ever since her jokey video became an internet meme about six months ago, she's parlayed her creepy expression and obsession into a brand of sorts, though it's unclear if she's more OAG or Laina the weird kid who thought up this persona.

She's got a pretty impressive Twitter following of over 136,000 people, and she regularly makes YouTube videos with updates on her daily life. She also, it seems, wrangled a press pass to the American Music Awards a few weeks back.

Laina recently posted this video to her official OAG website: She manned the red carpet with the other reporters and bloggers at the AMAs on November 18th, but whereas they were trying to interview anyone, she really just wanted to see Justin Bieber. You might remember that the OAG meme happened because Laina pretended to be a really scary Belieber in her original YouTube video that went viral because of her empty stare and creepy lyrics.

So I don't know how Laina managed it, but she got a camera man, a mic, and a coveted spot on the red carpet opposite hordes of screaming fans. All to talk to Justin for just a second. Now, he definitely knows who she is: In his NBC special Justin Bieber: All Around the World, there's a brief clip of him watching her video and making the OAG face. But would he remember her when passing her at an awards show? Or would he know exactly who she was and avoid her? You can see in this video that she waves at Scooter Braun, who definitely looks a little rattled by her presence.

So, does she get to see Justin? I can't tell you — you'll have to watch the video — but I can say that I much prefer the random group who sing an a capella rendition of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” with bonus beatboxing. That's better than “Girlfriend,” in my book.

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