Video: Meet Otis, The Skydiving Pug

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What's more adorable than a happy little smooshy-faced pug? A happy little smooshy-faced pug hurtling towards the ground at a hundred miles an hour.

I'm not being mean, either. Otis “The Ultimate Skydiving Pug” (as if there are lesser skydiving pugs?) genuinely likes, or at least doesn't hate, being strapped into his skydiving owner's harness and free-falling through the air with him when he jumps out of planes. I was a little skeptical about this at first, but the guy makes a pretty convincing case in the video that if Otis didn't like it, he'd definitely make his opinion known by shitting, pissing, or generally freaking out. And the look on Otis' face at the end of the video? Priceless!

Of all the animals who'd be into skydiving, you'd think pugs would be at the bottom of the list, but there you have it. Nature is full of wonder.