Video: Hilariously Uninformed Sorority Girl Invites Jeremy Lin To Her Formal

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Update: “Jerry Linn” has responded! And his video is even funnier than Angie's.

This girl has made my day. Jockular posted this great video of hopelessly dumb FSU sorority girl Angie, who's gorgeous but doesn't understand how Googling works. See, she's decided to invite “black guy” “New York Giants Super Bowl winner” “Jerry Linn” to her sorority formal.

Of course, she was talking to Asian, New York Knicks basketball player Jeremy Lin. Angie gets three exasperated internet reactions in one: shaking my head/facepalm/Let Me Google That For You. Let's go over the various offenses she manages in just forty seconds:

“I've been hearing a lot about this Jerry Linn guy on Twitter…”

“I think he plays for the Giants, and the Giants won the Super Bowl, so congratulations to the Giants and Jerry!”

“I really like winners, and I really, really like black guys…”

“You can hit me back at my Twitter, @xoxoAngieAngel. I hope to hear from you soon, hot stuff!”

Oh honey, you should've stopped while you were ahead. Interestingly enough, Angie hasn't tweeted yet; could it be this is all some elaborate piece of performance art that's just warming up? I kind of hope so, but I also kind of hope that people like this just exist on their own.

Or could “black Jeremy Lin” become an actual meme? After all, Conan writer Deon Cole did issue a challenge to Asian athletes the other night: “I don't want Asians taking over basketball, like they took over hip-hop dancing. Oh, that hurts… So let's just call it even, Asian people. Let black people keep basketball, and you can take over any other jobs that black people have. Like preachers, bodyguards to celebrities, or even just working at the DMV.”

Think Angie and Deon would make a good match?