Video: Does Pink’s ‘F*ckin’ Perfect’ Make Cutting Look Cool?

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Somewhere in the middle of high school, cutting yourself became a cool thing to do. It suddenly appeared one day on the radar as something people did -no d'uh – though I remember thinking at the time that we were probably the first generation of kids ever stupid enough to put something permanent on their bodies just because we hated our parents/school/whatever. (Tattoos and piercings didn't count of course, because they were awesome.)

When my friend Alisha rolled up her sleeves one day in math class and whispered with smug confidence that if her parents ever saw the scars she was hiding, she'd have to be taken out of school again, I remember thinking “What a moronic way to get attention.” I had zero sympathy for cutters, because it seemed like a manipulative cry for help. Like, could you be any more obvious? It was also super-disgusting looking, and not very subtle for people who were constantly claiming they didn't want “anyone to see.”

That was before my close friends started cutting themselves. And then family members. Pretty soon, it seemed like I was the only girl I knew that was too scared or too grossed out to take a razor and start hacking away at my arms or thighs. But I remember that feeling of nausea and bewilderment that came the first time I looked at my friend's arm, and that's the same feeling I have while watching Pink‘s new video, “F*ckin' Perfect.”

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