Video: Comedian Heckles Heckler, Finds Cocaine In His Coat

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So according to this video, if you heckle a comedian, you like to party! And i don't mean cake and balloon animals and confetti, either. Unless confetti is a new slang term for cocaine. Or an old one and I'm just not hip.

Anyway, a disruptive audience member at Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta disappeared to the bathroom right before comedian Adam Newman took the stage. Adam decided to open his set with a little just desserts in the form of audience participation—so he put on the heckler's jacket and ran his shit! The bit is all cute and lighthearted and innocent at first, when Adam's only finding used tissues and gum wrappers. There were no Rolaids or Tic Tacs, though. What else do guys keep in their jacket pockets? Oh yeah. Baggies of white stuff. Not flour. Cocaine, duh. Surprisingly, the jacket did not belong to Charlie Sheen. You'd think that maybe Adam would have learned from that one time earlier this month that coke was found on a heckler. The rave wristband he found in the heckler's left pocket also could have tipped him off.

I think it's safe to say that Adam Newman will never go through an audience member's pockets again, unless he's looking for some fun and doesn't have a number for “the guy.”

And let's CRACK down on these hecklers.

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