Video: Casey Anthony Resurfaces In Video Diary, Which Was Purportedly Meant To Be Private

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Earlier today, the internet began speculating over whether a video posted to Youtube was in fact the video diary of acquitted murder suspect Casey Anthony. Now, one of her defense attorneys has confirmed that it is, in fact, her who appears in the video, but that it was taken for personal and/or purposes and was never supposed to be posted to the Internet. They are investigating a possible hack.

The video is fairly mundane by normal standards, but when you take into account that this is the woman who may or may not have murdered her own child, it becomes a lot more interesting. In it, Anthony talks about how she's still trying to figure out her new computer, and how excited she is to own a camera, computer and phone she can use to communicate with people. “It's been a long time since I've been able to call something mine,” she says. She speaks of vague optimism for the future, as well as that age-old video blogging conundrum: “I don't know whether to look directly at myself, or look up or…I don't know.” It's okay, nobody does.

She also talks about having adopted a dog, upon which she will hopefully practice and improve her parenting skills.

Casey Anthony hater Bill Sheaffer, who did legal analysis for WFTV-Channel 9 during Anthony's trial, does not believe that the video was meant to be private, and furthermore, how dare she talk about herself?

“I think she's narcissistic and that comes out in the video,” he said. “She talks about how she is doing and how her life is taking a turn and it's all about her. It's not anything about her parents, her dead child or the misery and pain that her actions caused a great number of people.”

“She doesn't subject herself to any examination, even on a superficial level,” he said. “It's out now for two reasons: First, [former prosecutor] Jeff Ashton's book doesn't paint a flattering picture of her. Second, she has always been a social person. She's not a loner. This is the first step in putting herself out there and trying to find someone who doesn't hate her and will socialize with her.”

I will update this story if any new info comes to light.

(Via The Chicago Tribune)