Crushable At VidCon: Taryn Southern Answers The Question ‘What Is VidCon?’

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Crushable's Taryn Southern is back from the weekend-long party at VidCon! For three days, Taryn sat in on awesome panels where YouTube celebrities talked about being internet famous (and some busted moves right onstage); she partied with your favorite comedians and stars; and she asked everyone who their biggest “web crushes” are. That all is coming to you in the next few days, but for now here's a teaser!

Even though we all grew up with YouTube, maybe you don't know as much about that world, and the people who come out of it, as you'd like to. That's where Taryn comes in, asking attendees, “What is VidCon?” Thankfully, stars like Jenna Marbles, Chester See, and The Guild‘s Felicia Day are on hand with answers.

Now that we know what VidCon is, we're looking forward to Taryn's next video: How to Survive VidCon.