Even If You Hate Valentine’s Day, You’ll Love The Stories In Today’s Google Doodle

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Valentine's Day Google Doodle 2014

Even if you're a black-hearted cynic who turns into the Hulk whenever you hear to words “He went to Jared” (welcome to the club), today's Valentine's Day Google doodle will probably melt your heart into a puddle of “awwww.” It's almost as sweet as that Olympian who's saving puppies. Almost. But shh, I won't tell anyone. You can spend the night posting “KICK ME” signs on happy couples' backs and no one will ever know that a romantic story acted out on a candy heart above the Google search bar put you this close to crying earlier in the day.

To create the doodle, Google collaborated with Ira Glass from the radio show This American Life. The show pulled stories they'd heard over the years and even recorded new ones just for Google. There are six candy hearts on the home page, each representing a different aspect of love, and when you click on one, you can hear the story told firsthand from the person who experienced it, with adorable little drawings to illustrate the action. There are stories of crushes, of uncertainly about commitment, about facing death, and about asking someone out in middle school. You're pretty much guaranteed to relate to at least one story.

You can watch the people involved in the doodle explain how they developed it in the behind-the-scenes video below. It's just another example of Google distracting us with adorable things when we're just trying to search for movie times or how to spell “Galifianakis.” It's like walking into a room looking for your something and then forgetting why you went in there because that episode of Friends is on where Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes and you just have to sit down and watch it. Plus the three episodes that aired after it. And then you miss work and still didn't find your keys. But it's totally worth it.