16 Easy Unicorn Recipes That Are Magically Yummy (& Will Def Boost Your Insta-Game)

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Unicorns might be extremely rare, elusive creatures, but they are becoming almost as common as cats and dogs these days. We have unicorn onesies, countless unicorn-inspired beauty products, unicorn hair and horns you can strap on your head to make people think you're a mythical creature. There was even the viral Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino — a clear indicator if there ever was one that unicorns are a BIG thing. And that brings us to unicorn-themed foods.

Do a quick social media search and you'll probably come across some cute, pastel-colored unicorn sweets from a trendy bakery. The good news is that you don't have to travel miles and wait in a ridiculously long line of Instagrammers to get some of the magical goodies. You can make your own at home. There are a lot of unicorn recipes out there that are adorable and easy. Even better, they don't require any odd ingredients, either (read: Unicorn snot). Take a look at 16 magically yummy unicorn recipes.