19 Wacky Unicorn Products You Won’t Believe Are Real

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Are we sick of unicorns yet? The answer is obviously no. Unicorns are what keeps this crazy and overwhelming world magical and just about the only thing getting us through the day at the moment. Believing in something that poops rainbows and vomits glitter is just the type of hope we need in this world.
We've scoured the internet for the most ~unreal~ unicorn items so you don't have to. And although the prevailing thought here is ‘how did this company actually make it off the ground?', it pretty much just confirmed that magic is all around us. Get ready to open your pocketbooks (does anyone really call them ‘pocketbooks' anymore?) and type in your credit card so you can score yourself some magic pony sh*t (literally and figuratively).

1. Handicorn Unicorn Hand Puppet

unicorn finger puppet

Archie McPhee Accoutrements

File this under ‘crap you don't need,' but if you're choosing between a fidget spinner and a unicorn hand puppet, my money's on the pony. Boredom never looked so fun with this entertaining toy for your thumbs and other digits. Get one for your friend, too, so you can have a unicorn thumb war or cover up your desperately-seeking-manicure nails.
Of course you can find this gem on and for eight bucks it can be all yours!