17 Signs You Might Be the Uncool Millennial in Your Squad

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Every squad has one — the person who always seems just behind the current trends, blissfully unaware that they're just not living up to that millennial title. If you can't figure out who it is in your group, brace yourself — it just might be you. Still not sure? Check out these signs and do a little inner reflection to figure out if you're indeed the uncool millennial in your crew. If so, don't panic, your friends probably find your quirkiness totally adorkable.

1. You never did end up having a Unicorn Frappuccino.


Sure, you saw them all over Instagram, but you never ventured into Starbucks for one of your very own. When friends ask though, you totally say you tried it… it tasted like rainbow vomit anyway, right? Plus, you saw all those posts about how much sugar there was in those things and it was enough to fill your quota for the month.
Even if you had tried it, you probably would’ve completely forgotten to snap a photo anyway, rendering it totally pointless.