This Twerking Fail GIF Is Everything, So We Actually All Owe Miley A Thank You

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twerking fail fall on fire

You can say whatever you want about Miley Cyrus, but you have to hand it to her for making twerking a mainstream dance movement this year. Because if she hadn't done that, this amazing twerking GIF wouldn't exist. And if this GIF didn't exist, than I would have no reason to either. It's everything. EVERYTHING.

Even though you're going to watch it (again and again), I'm going to walk through it with you so you can understand what you're seeing. A young woman decides to do some extreme twerking. We're talking level 6 twerking. And there are only 5 levels, so you can imagine just how advanced this upside-down-on-the-door move is  — especially for an amateur twerker. Everything's going according to plan until her roommate comes through the door and knocks her over.

“That's it?” you're thinking, “I grew up watching Danny Tanner show me lame fail videos on America's Funniest Home Video every night in elementary school!”

No! That's not it! Because as luck would have it, this young twerker lit candles on a nearby coffee table before she began twerking. So she not only falls on the coffee table and she not only breaks the coffee table, but she sets herself on fire. Not since Mrs. Doubtfire set her boobs on fire in Mrs. Doubtfire have I enjoyed watching people accidentally set themselves on fire so much. And before you start ringing the sociopath alarms, I'll have you know that the twerker in question shared this with the Internet herself in a video captioned, “I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :)” So we can assume that she's doing a-okay. (And we can also assume that someone at some network will turn this into a sitcom about a clumsy twenty-something who always twerks her way into mishaps and misunderstands called Twerky is the New Quirky.)

Have an attention span longer than a GIF? Cool, then here's the full length 37-second long video version.

(GIF: Tumblr)