17 Simple Travel Tattoos You’ll Want To Rip Off For Yourself

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If you know someone who has tattoos, or perhaps you have one yourself, you know that typically each tattoo has a special meaning to the person who has it. Whether it's in honor of a loved one, a favorite word or saying, or just a cute symbol you decided to get with some of your friends, each holds some type of importance to the owner. With the endless variety of tattoo designs out there, choosing the perfect one may be difficult. It's not like you can just get any old design — this picture is going to be on your body forever. What better way to decide what you like than by looking at tats that those similair to you have decided to print on their skin. If you consider yourself a globetrotter or a lover of travel, we have some travel tattoo ideas for you that we think you just might fall in love with.

Whether you have traveled to different parts of the world already, or it is just a dream of yours, these 16 different tattoos will definitely put your wanderlust through the roof. No matter what is it you want, or where you want to go, there are travel tattoos perfect for jetsetter.

1. Wanderlust

Of course, we need to start off the list with the word “Wanderlust” itself. This simple design has many options to make it unique. The great thing about word tattoos is that you choose the font — meaning if you and your BFF travel buddy want to get tatted to remember your travels, you could have the word written in their handwriting. The possibilities for this adorable tat are endless and you'll def have people copying you once you decide to show off your new ink.