20 Travel Instagram Pages That Will Inspire Some Serious Wanderlust

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It's summer and while some of us are packing to travel or go on vacation with family or friends, the rest of us are dreaming of the perfect trip we only wish we were taking. Because of the busy lives we lead, it can sometimes be hard to take some time for ourselves to relax, vacation and just enjoy life. Whether you are stressed, have cabin fever, or have a wanderlust that needs to be fulfilled, it is important to take those small, yet very much needed getaways.

For those of us who are less creative and wouldn't even know how to begin planning the perfect vacation, don't worry. There are a bunch of Instagram pros who have mastered travel and who inspire millions of their followers to do the same each day. Here are 20 of the most inspiring travel IG accounts that are guaranteed to instill huge travel-envy and put put your wanderlust through the roof.