Tracy Morgan’s New Baby’s Absolutely Adorable, But I Cannot Handle This Photo

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tracy morgan new baby maven cheese cloth

Considering that this is the Summer of Celebrity Pregnancy, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Tracy Morgan's fiance, Megan Wollover, gave birth to a baby two weeks ago. It's just that she wasn't on our super official prego list so I'm a little thrown off by this announcement. Also, this photo. People says that  Maven Sonae Morgan  is “wrapped tightly in a stretchy cheese cloth.” But is that what we're supposed to wrap babies in these days? A quick Google search says yes. However Google is sometimes wrong. For example, when you search “crushable” in Google images, a bunch of literally crushable (and probably foldable) hats come up. We don't sell hats here, so that is a very clear case of Google being wrong.

Cheese cloth confusion aside, Maven's insanely adorable. Congrats to Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover on making a pretty cute Tracy Morgan clone.