Too Young For Fashion? ‘Man Men’s’ 10-Year-Old Kiernan Shipka, Chloe Grace Moretz In ‘Interview’

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What's that line about high school freshman that Matthew McConaughey says in Dazed And Confused (his truest role to date)? “I get older, they stay the same age.” Gross, Matthew McConaughey. But that's sort of how we feel about these photos in the latest edition of Interview magazine, which feature three of the youngest actresses since Drew Barrymore ever to be flaunted in a fashion spread for adults.

Let's see, first up is Kiernan Shipka, better known as Sally Draper from Mad Men in Burberry Prosum, followed by the already-controversial Kick-Ass Star Chloe Grace Moretz (a little more acceptable since she's 13?) in Chanel, and capped off with newcomer Nicola Peltz (she of the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film The Last Airbender) who at 15 is a little more age-appropriate in her Chanel outfit.

Check out the pics and tell us what you think: They're not revealing, but 10 years old is a little young to start modeling for Andy Warhol's magazine, no?

Kiernan Shipka

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