Tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Mugshots and Lesbians

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We're pretty excited about tonight's premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After watching the Salahis slink around the nation's capital all season on The Real Housewives of DC, we're yearning for some straight up confrontations from the Southern cast. But while cast-member Kim Zolciak has been desperately trying to drum up press by outing herself as a lesbian this Spring, the drama we're really interested in watching this season is what happens with the new housewife Phaedra Parks – an entertainment lawyer married to a felon.

Back in March, Zolciak told “Life & Style” that she was bisexual and dating DJ Tracy Young. Apparently, she'd had broken up with her sugar daddy, “Big Poppa,” before dating Tracy. But our sources tells Crushable that Kim isn't really on the outs with Big Poppa. Furthermore, Kim isn't serious about Tracy. However, she probably got a good chunk of change to publicize her new “relationship,” and Tracy will be making appearances during this season of the show.

More interesting to us is new castmember Phaedra. The “lawyer to the stars” doesn't exactly get along with all the other housewives. And the biggest point of contention early in the show revolves around her husband, Apollo Nida, who is only recently paroled after spending five years in prison. Phaedra, who married Apollo six months after he was released and got pregnant around the same time, acts like the age difference is the most controversial part of their relationship (she's older than him). But actually, the thing that confuses people most is how a lawyer could marry a convict.

Phaedra likes to say that Apollo is “just like Martha Stewart,” but it's not so cut and dry. He's spent about six of the last 12years in prison, on two unrelated crimes. The biggest charge, for which he spent the five years in jail, revolves around racketeering and his involvement in an auto theft ring. You know, just like Martha….