Tom Hiddleston Visits Sesame Street, Gives Me A Craving For Cookies And Also For Him

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Tom Hiddleston Cookie Monster Sesame Street 2013

I just watched this PBS video of Tom Hiddleston talking to Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster, and I've come to the conclusion that I've been too American in my choice of celebrity crushes over the years. But that's all changing these days, now that Brits like Benedict Cumberbatch and One Direction and Michael Caine have found themselves nice cozy places in my heart. Yes, Michael Caine. Please don't question it. And now I think I might add Tom to that list. I dare you to watch this adorable video and not feel the warm and fuzzies. Plus, he's holding a cookie, which if we're being honest makes pretty much any guy ten times more attractive. Fifteen times if the cookie is oatmeal chocolate chip, which my cookie radar tells me is quite possible in this case.

Just listen to that accent as he explains to Cookie Monster that no, he can't have that cookie, because it's Tom's cookie and why can't Cookie Monster stop eating cookies? Does he need help? Do we need to organize an intervention? I'm really concerned. But back to Tom. He looks at Cookie Monster so intently, as if he's really trying to understand where he's coming from. And that smile! Where has that smile been all my life and how did my eyeballs know happiness before I saw it?

It's appropriate that this video is all about self-control, because I'm currently struggling to control my desire to reach through the computer screen, grab Tom by the collar, drag him into my kitchen, and spend the rest of the day baking cookies with him. We can get flour in our hair and he can guide my hand as I use the mixer, and he can even do that thing he does to Cookie Monster where he pretends to feed him the cookie but then pulls away. Except he probably shouldn't do that to me because there's a chance I'll take the cookie from him by force and we'll get into a big floury argument.

Truth be told, I'm probably reading a little too much sexual innuendo into Tom's explanation of the phrase “delayed gratification,” but that's just what happens when Sesame Street insists on letting highly attractive people onto a kid's show.