Tom Cruise Sure Is Being Shady For A Straight Guy With Nothing To Hide

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Just when I had re-watched A Few Good Men and was wrapped up in blissful reminiscing about relatively normal Tom Cruise of old, he has to go and remind me why I would run away if I ever saw him in a dark alley.

So here's what happened. In 2001 (yeah buckle up this story spans a decade), Cruise sued magazine editor Michael Davis Sapir after Sapir offered $500,000 for video evidence Cruise was gay. That's a lot of cash for some grainy glory hole footage. Sapir said he received an email attachment of a video of Cruise and another man, but the suit was settled and we thought it was the end of it.

But no. In 2009, Sapir sued Cruise and his lawyer for $5 million after realizing that he was being wiretapped by his friendly neighborhood Scientologist. That's right, apparently even though the suit was settled, Tom had this magazine editor wiretapped, just in case there was a follow-up on the whole “video footage of Tom and another dude” thing. Hmm…

Now just the other day (Dec 18), Cruise did a three-hour videotaped deposition about this ongoing lawsuit. Think you're going to get to see some clips of it? Think again. In fact I'm pretty sure I could get sued for even suggesting that. Mr. Cruise is making sure this video is under tighter surveillance than the CIA's Kill List (*This is an exaggeration*).

Cruise wrote the following in the official court documents: “Only one original videotape of the deposition shall be made. No copies of the videotape, or any video or audio portions thereof, may be made and no one other than the counsel for the Parties and the Custodian, as defined below, may have access to the videotape.”

And just so we're clear: “Counsel for Plaintiff, Johnson & Johnson, shall take custody of the videotape and shall maintain and make use of same (including adaptations) through the conclusion of trial; provided, however, that Plaintiff Sapir shall not be permitted to view, use or access the videotape (or any adaptation made there from) at any time prior to trial and, during trial, Sapir’s access to the videotape will be limited to viewing the videotape during open court proceedings.”

So basically…no one gets to see Tom Cruise explaining why on earth he would wiretap a magazine editor who has at one point claimed to have footage of Cruise with another man unless it's in a courtroom. I'm not saying I'm just saying, but we all know what it meant when Jessup went to great lengths to cover up evidence. I guess the general public just can't handle the truth.