9 Times Tina Fey Imitated Her Daughters And Made Us Roll On The Floor Laughing

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Whenever you're sad that there's only one Tina Fey in the world, just remember that there are actually two more mini Tinas waiting in the wings to entertain us. Tina's daughters Alice and Penelope Richmond are totally hilarious, as evidenced by all the stories Tina tells about them on talk shows. When I see that Tina is being interviewed for literally anything, I clap my hands in delight because there's a good chance she'll do an impression of one of her daughters.

Sometimes I can't believe that I've never actually witnessed her daughters doing any of these funny things, because Tina's just that convincing. And I'm kind of glad I've never seen the real thing. Hearing Tina recount it, usually with a motherly laugh, is way more entertaining. But I am happy that one day Alice or Penelope might become a famous comedienne herself. I know you're dying to see some examples, so here are nine of them.

1. When she imitated Penelope talking like a Vietnamese prostitute.

On a recent trip to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tina explained what her youngest daughter Penelope sounds like, and admitted that mimicking that voice on the playground could probably get her into trouble.

2. When she imitated Alice meeting Alec Baldwin.

Tina Fey feces Jerry Seinfeld


This one you'll have to go here to watch, but it's totally worth it. At about 8 minutes in, she describes the time Alice met Alec Baldwin for the first time, and the shade she threw is scary. She didn't even say anything, just gave him a look.

3. When she imitated Penelope's sociopath catchphrase.

Tina confessed to David Letterman recently that Penelope might actually be a sociopath. Not only does she show very little remorse for her actions, but she actually tried to choke Tina once. “Oh. Sahwy.”

4. When she imitated Alice swooning over Guy Fieri.

This is my personal favorite. During a trip to The View, Tina explained that Alice has quite a crush on Guy Fieri. Unfortunately, they just weren't meant to be.

5. When she imitated Alice meeting Oprah and asking when Tina will die.

Meeting Oprah is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Alice had an interesting approach. Oh, and she's also very eager to learn when Tina will finally meet her demise.

6. When she imitated Alice talking to Penelope.

Alice is getting lots of practice with pick-up lines by crawling into little Penelope's crib. And thank goodness for that, otherwise we'd never have this video to watch.

7. When she imitated Alice playing hair salon.

Tina Fey Alice Richmond paid to dance at parties


No video for this one, but I just couldn't resist including it, because it's exactly the kind of darndest thing a kid would say that you simply couldn't make up if you tried. Alice Richmond is my hero.

8. When she imitated Alice thinking she was Sarah Palin.

Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression was spot-on, so much so that even her daughter couldn't tell them apart. Bonus: She really gets a kick out of Barack Obama's name.

9. When she imitated Alice telling jokes.

Alice made some pretty lame jokes, but they're still way funnier than the material a lot of comedians come up with. Oh, and she also used to moon people a lot. All in a day's work as the daughter of Tina Fey.

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