Tiger’s Mistresses’ Most Shocking Revelations

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TigerBy getting interviews with four of Tiger Woods‘s mistresses and some insiders from his camp, Vanity Fair reveals more than you would ever want to know about Tiger and his infidelities in this month's issue, on newsstands today. Here are some of the juiciest tidbits we learned:

– Tiger was so addicted to sex he insisted on banging mistress Mindy Lawton in a parking lot while she was on her period. Reports VF: “After they left, Lawton claims, reporters from The National Enquirer, who had been following her, picked up the tampon she had dropped in the parking lot, and later threatened to use it as part of a story exposing Woods's infidelity.” Ew.

– Tiger liked to party in Vegas with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. And when he was in Sin City, Tiger liked to at the Mansion at the MGM Grand, “where a one-bedroom suite costs $5,000 per night,” and play $30,000 per hand blackjack.

– However, when it came to his mistresses, Tiger was notoriously cheap. Says VF: “Of the women interviewed, Woods spent money on only one: Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, a former Playboy model he met through madam Michelle Braun. Ferriolo says she went on $15,000 shopping sprees and charged everything to Tiger's hotel room.”

Are you going to pick up the latest issue of Vanity Fair to see Tiger's mistresses' full stories? We'll be stopping by a newsstand on the way home.

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