Watching This Baby Rock Out To Carrie Underwood’s ‘Good Girl’ Will Make Your Day

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Looking for a quick pick-me-up on this dreary spring day? Is it nice out where you live and you want even more sunshine in your life?

Well either way, look no further than this absolutely adorable video of a 3-year-old rocking out to the Carrie Underwood song ‘Good Girl‘. She sings it with so much emotion and so much feeling that I almost think she's singing it to someone.

A little preschool romance gone wrong perhaps? Or maybe she's just so full of emotions from a long day of playing and napping that she just can't help but belt it out.

Guess it doesn't really matter why she's rocking out so hard. All I know is that she's the most fun toddler I've met in a long time. And I'm tempted to give her my number so she can call me in a few years to go out.

So seriously, whether or not you're a Carrie Underwood fan, you should watch this video. It's just that good.