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Unless you spent the whole week watching the premieres of every single episode of everything on TV this week, you may have missed some stuff. (Hopefully not The Event! How can you miss The Event??!) Between Glee, My Generation, The Office, 30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire, Undercovers, Going Wilde, The Good Guys, and…a bunch of other stuff either making their debut or coming back on air, it was hard to keep track of all our old friends and new characters. Luckily, Crushable is here to help. Here's what you missed:

Jason Ritter is our Dude Diary recipient.

• 8 Songs/Artist you don't want to hear on Glee this season.

50 Cent‘s dog is named Oprah. And PETA is upset.

• 5 suggested tag-lines for My Generation. (We hated it, by the way)

• A video gallery of British guys playing American.

Katy Perry and her boobs were pulled from Sesame Street. But not the True Blood parody that was very, very weird.

Bret Easton Ellis did his own double-parody of himself. (We think he stole it from us.)

• We are so psyched for the potential Michael Emerson/Terry O'Quinn pilot by J.J. Abrams, Odd Jobs. We even wrote a script!

Bradley Whitford is our weird celebrity crush.

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