25 Things Every Woman Must Do Before She Turns 25

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Turning 25 is a big deal. It's the official entrance to your mid-20s and means you're only five years away from turning 30. Thanks to your frontal lobe finally developing, by the time you turn 25 you have enough life experience to make informed decisions. And you already know that being a grown adult person isn't as fun as you thought it would be. However, as hard as adult life can be, it's ever-changing, very exciting, and there are few things more fun than being a young adult trying to figure out this thing called life.

By the time you're close to 25, you've lived a fair amount of time but still have so much more living and learning to do. These 25 things to do before your 25th birthday are essential to successfully making transition from your early-20s to your mid-20s.