The Terrible Homes Of The ‘Jersey Shore : Season 3’ Cast

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The Terrible Homes Of The  Jersey Shore   Season 3  Cast JS3 cast 11 280x196 jpgLast night we saw the premiere of the 3rd season of Jersey Shore, which is great because I for one really missed Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation, Pauly D., Vinny, Sam and Ronnie in the three months since we ended last season of this show. Where have these guys gone? They’ve really fallen off our radar!

Just kidding. These guys are now millionaires (well, The Situation is), with marketing deals ranging from workout videos to spray-tanner to awesome clothing. You would think with all that money, these guys could afford nicer digs to live with their parents in. But although each character on the show (including new gal Deena!) needs to prove just how “real” they are compared to their cast mates, none of them seem to realize they all live in basically the same shitty house to begin with. Check it out: