6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The Real Housewives Of Orange County Lost Footage

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6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The Real Housewives of Orange County Lost Footage RHOOC lost footage jpg

Well, just when I thought The Real Housewives of Orange County’s seventh season was over and done with, Bravo pulls me back in with a “Shit They Should Have Shown” type episode. This week, they’re showing us “Lost Footage” from the season AKA stuff they wanted to fit in but didn’t really have time to fit in. They open the “vault” to show us some stuff that was good stuff, but not that good to put in the actual show. Andy Cohen narrates the whole thing for us, and I’m left wondering why some of this stuff wasn’t used during the real season! There’s some gold in there. With that, here are some more burning questions I have in regards to the ladies of the OC.

1. Will Slade ever wear any other shirt besides his “Housewives Hunter” shirt?

Sadly, we were not graced with Slade Smiley’s presence during the reunion show until now that is! He plops right down next to his sugar mama—I mean girlfriend, Gretchen, as he gives a half-assed apology to Vicki for calling her Miss Piggy. He does this while wearing a black sports coat with a black t-shirt underneathe that says, “Housewife Hunter” with a big target on it. Funny. We get it, you got in the sack with a bunch of women from the show. If I was Gretchen, that shirt would have been burned months ago.

2. What was the point of Gretchen and Vicki having dinner?

In a scene we didn’t get to see during the season, Vicki and Brooks meet Gretchen and Slade for dinner. They are trying to mend fences and be “friendly,” but they all just end up rehashing previous issues and getting a bit snippy with one another. I think it’s nice that they are (maybe genuinely) trying to make these better between them, and we see a little bit of progression. But clearly that didn’t last long (as we see during the reunion show).

3. Is teenage plastic surgery okay?

I think we all know the answer to this, but on RHOC, we’re left to wonder. Andy Cohen asks Alexis if she would allow her daughters to get boob jobs when they turned 18. She (intelligently) said no and shared with the group that she got then behind her mother’s back. Heather chimes in (and states for the 78th time that he husband is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. We get it, Heather.), and says that teenage plastic surgery is “never okay.” I have to agree. No teenage girl is 100% okay with her body and her looks. I’m 23, and I still hate multiple things about my appearance. I don’t think that a girl fresh out of high school can make an informed and rational decision when their body is still changing and hormones are still raging. Anyways…*steps down from soapbox*

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