The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Foodcap: Let’s Talk About That Friend Contract

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Happy Monday everyone! Last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, everyone was in a fighting mood. Phaedra Parks is still pissed the girls were talking about her unborn baby. And Cynthia Bailey is learning that her damn friend contract might haunt her to her grave.

Luckily Sheree Whitfield was there to lighten up the mood and spend lots of money to show off how fabulous she is. Sometimes I get the feeling that Sheree thinks she on Publisher's Clearinghouse. And she's Ed McMahon. Somebody needs to get this lady a giant check so she can show off how much money has! Now on to the Foodcap!

Scene: Kim shows Kandi her new moves
Food: Water, resentment

Kandi is stressing out about this tour she's starting up with Kim in a week. And Kim doesn’t seem to understand that performing takes talent practice. Kandi thinks Kim will embarrass her on stage. This is probably true. When do we get to see that?

Scene: Sheree buys her daughter a *sofa
Food: Champagne, Sheree's growing ego

Sheree's daughter Tierra's just moved in with her boyfriend and Sheree wants to congratulate her on “making the right choices.” We're pretty sure that means “Thank you for not being a teen mom.” So they take a trip to a furniture store, where Sheree says she will buy Tierra a sofa. And Tierra proceeds to want everything in said store. And Sheree laughs at her requests. And then proceeds to buy everything in there, spending exactly $7,422.04. (or something like that)

“If she doesn’t like it. Oh well.”

Sheree aims to please (herself)!

Scene: Cynthia scouts a venue
Food: Dinosaur bones, confusion

Cynthia wants to get married in a museum under some giant dinosaur skeleton. This is not helping her convince NeNe that she is not crazy:

“Getting married under a dinosaur. It’s very silly to me. She’s like a child.”

NeNe really didn’t like that friend contract Cynthia gave her. So brings it up and annoys Cynthia. SPOILER: This will happen many, many more times.

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