I Like Johnny Depp, But This Trailer For The Lone Ranger Is Pretty Racist, Right?

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Didn't we just go through this? Didn't No Doubt just have to pull their video for ‘Looking Hot' after their Native American theme caused controversy? And now I find myself watching a trailer for The Lone Ranger, with Armie Hammer in the title role, and Johnny Depp starring as a semi- to super-stereotypical Tonto in warpaint and pidgin English? What's going on, here? Did we not predict that this trailer might be perceived as somewhat racist? And forget about the trailer! What about the movie itself?! We're honestly comfortable in 2012 putting out a full-length feature film's worth of a white guy mimicking a different race? We couldn't find a single Native American actor in this great nation of ours who could bring some credibility to such expertly-crafted lines as:

Something very wrong with that horse.


There come a time when good man must wear mask.

I don't know, guys…I liked the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and I'm pretty fond of that Winklevoss boy, too…but this is definite racism territory, right? I mean, right?!? I'm not crazy. I don't feel like it was done intentionally, but this is definitely one of the hazards of having big-name Hollywood actors in a movie: when a good part comes up, they don't have to audition for it, they just take it. Like the same way you know Ben Affleck was sitting around in his house in front of a mirror going, “Get a little beard on these cheeks, and I can most def play Mexican-American for Argo“, Johnny Depp was like, “I not Native American, but I famous actor. I Tonto, no one else shall play. Yeah, that'll do. Let's get Jerry on the phone.”

I don't know what to think, because I actually like look of movie itself, minus stereotypes. Only thing is, I finding it hard to believe protest groups let this get released as is. Or maybe I crazy and this not sketchy at all. All I know is I'm talking and thinking like a Cookie Monster-Johnny-Depp-as-Tonto hybrid, and I want it to stop.