Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: The Great Catsby

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The Great Catsby parody May 2013Congratulations, you shining stars, you shot all the way through the sky without hitting any planetoids, and now you've made it all the way to the end of the day. And you've even still got some of your shimmer! Good for you! Did you eat anything delicious today? I did. I had one crumbly cookie and one delicious macaron, and one bit of a non-delicious macaron, but we don't need to talk about that. We also don't need to talk about how exactly stars eat food without having little stars mouths, because A. it's not important and B. talking about food is my favorite thing, so don't ruin this for me. As a reward for finishing your whole day without disrupting any asteroid belts, I have a really stupid video for you today. Like…really stupid. So stupid that it's brilliant and I almost want to watch it all the way through again at this very moment. It's called…The Great Catsby.

In case you're still unclear on the concept, it's little animated kitties (I think from The Aristocats?) with the music and lines from the trailer for The Great Gatsby played in the background. And IT. IS. AMAZING. Because it's an older animation, it actually matches up pretty well with the words. The white cat is Daisy, and the rascally orange one is Gatsby, and the raucous parties are hosted by a whole menagerie of animals from geese to kittens stomping around on the piano. You guys I love this, I really do. It's so simple and perfect and stupid and I can't stop watching it. The moment when the cat lands on the hood? It's perfect. If someone wants to do this for the entire film, I have a sneaking suspicion I might like it more than I liked the actual film. Sorry I'm not sorry.

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