It’s Like Super Cute That Shailene Woodley And Ansel Elgort Have The Same Haircut On This EW Cover

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The Fault in our Stars Entertainment Weekly Cover Shailene Woodley Ansel Elgort

I'm inappropriately excited for how close we're getting to The Fault In Our Stars premiere. Not since my Harry Potter days of yore have I been so excited to see a book brought to the big screen. In fact, I'm so excited, that I've already practiced crying and fixing my make-up in the dark so I can be fully prepared to see Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort play doomed lovers. I've also practiced acting natural when I'm surrounded by a bunch of middle school girls who look at me like I'm a narc. Calm down girls, I'm here to take in a movie about teenagers dying JUST LIKE YOU.

While we still have to wait a few more weeks to see Hazel and Augustus fall in love, we can spend that time staring at this amazing Entertainment Weekly cover. And I say amazing not just because they're on it, but because they have the exact same haircut on it. Nothing says love quite like identical blown-out bangs. And yes, you will be able to purchase “nothing says love quite like blown-out bangs” t-shirts, hats, overalls, shorteralls, skorts, rompers and onesies by the end of the day.

In addition to getting matching hair styles, Shai and Ans went all out and also got matching faces. In fact, they look so much alike, they should play brother and sister in their next movie. Oh wait, that already happened. See (and then for you own sake, unsee) Divergent for more on their chemistry as siblings. No, but seriously, don't the look A LOT alike. Dare I say it, but I think they might get their eyebrows done by the same person. Spend a few minute staring into their same-shade-of-brown-colored yes and tell me I'm wrong about this. Also, while you're at it, try to tell them apart. It's an impossible challenge.