The End Is Near: ‘The Hasslehoffs’ On A&E

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Hey guys. Did you know that The Hasslehoffs have a show on A&E? Yes, it happened last night.

We were vaguely excited/dreading a show all about David Hasslehoff acting out/being ridiculous. But after watching, it looks more like The Hoff agreed to the reality show to launch his daughters' careers in Hollywood.

That's sort of sweet. Though I'm not sure the world needs to see an audition of some entitled LA girls demanding the fame their father's career once promised them. Isn't that what The Kardashians are for?

Somehow this is a semi-cautionary tale of life in Hollywood. The Hoff – best known for starring in things like Knight Rider, Baywatch and that creepy home video of him drunkenly devouring a hamburger – now wants to pass the baton to his two daughters. Because he's sober and wants to make amends.

During last night's episode, Hayley Hasslehoff won the lead in the ABC Family series Huge. Meanwhile, her sister Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff spent the episode arguing with dad over whether she should quit school and try to “make it” in Hollywood full time.

And here I thought Dr. Drew had perfected the art of filming the self-obsessed downward spiral. But hey, the Hoff has a seemingly impenetrable skin when it comes to being mocked. He'll happily take a question from some kid asking him about that hamburger video.  And sometimes he brings it on himself. At one point he quips:

“Hey. You gotta love a good rehab joke.”

It's sweet to see The Hoff creating a reality show to help jump-start his daughters' careers. But there's also some weird form of bribery that seems to be going on here. After dealing with two decades of an absentee, alcoholic father, The Hoff's daughters want their pay off. But crying jags and guilt aren't the quickest ways to get jobs in Hollywood. Then again, reality show fame by osmosis is clearly a cottage industry.